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24 de Abril de 2023

ESA Climate Climate Change Initiative at the EGU 2023

Details of presentations relating to ESA Climate Change Initiative projects at EGU2023

Several researchers from ESA's Climate Change Initiative are presenting during the General Assembly 2023 of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) will take place 23-28 April 2023 in Vienna, Austria.

Head of ESA's Climate Office, Susanne Mecklenburg will also be presenting on Monday evening during an ESA Townhall meeting Space for our climate's future. She is be giving a briefing on ESA's new and upcoming Climate Programme (2023-2029) at the ESA Booth on Monday, located at #X202 15:45CET.

If you want to know more about the new programme and tender opportunities, attend our online Information Day on 10 May.

Essential Climate Variable (CCI project) Date Title Speaker EGU code Time (CET) Location Link
Biomass Friday 28 April Understanding the uncertainty of forest aboveground biomass maps derived from satellite observations Maurizio Santoro EGU23-9562 08:55–09:05 BG9.2
Fire Monday 24 April A global model for estimating fuel consumption and fire carbon emissions at 500-m spatial resolution Dave van Wees EGU23-6184 09:45-09:55 Room C
Monday 24 April FRYv2.0 : a global fire patch morphology database from FireCCI51 and MCD64A1 Florent Mouillot EGU23-9575 11.05-11:15 Room C
Tuedsay 25 April Global and continental burned area detection from remote sensing: the FireCCI products M. Lucrecia Pettinari EGU23-1317 08:33-08:43 Room 1.31/32
Tuedsay 25 April Assessment of fire contribution to forest loss in sub-Saharan Africa using medium-resolution BA Amin Khairoun EGU23-8151 11:47-11:57 Room 1.31/32
Wednesday 26 April Workshop: ESA FireCCI Workshop on Burned Area products M. Lucrecia Pettinari SPM8 16:15–18:00 Room 2.61
Glaciers Monday 24 April Insights into and findings from global datasets on glacier distribution and changes Michael Zemp EGU23-2326 16:46-16:48 PICO3a.10
Glacier monitoring from in-situ and remotely sensed observations Frank Paul EGU23-12724 17:25-17:35 Room L2
Greenhouse Gases Monday 24 April Recent
methane trends derived from S5P/TROPOMI data
Michael Buchwitz EGU23-11303 16:15–18:00 Hall A
Thursday 27 April Detection of local atmospheric methane enhancements by
analyzing Sentinel-5 Precursor satellite data
EGU23-9174 10:45–12:30 Hall X5
Land Cover Friday 28 April A 29-year time series of annual 300-metre resolution plant functional type maps for climate models Harper, Lamarche et al. EGU23-16740 11:10–11:20 Room 2.17
Ozone Wednesday 26 April Are trends in total ozone consistent with stratospheric ozone trends from satellite observations? Mark Weber et al EGU23-13119 16:25-16:27 PICO spot 5, screen 5.6
Wednesday 26 April Investigating zonal asymmetry in stratospheric ozone trends at northern high latitudes using satellite limb observations and CTM simulations Carlo Arosio et al EGU23-7671 16:27-16:29 PICO spot 5, screen 5.7
Thursday 27 April Using the GTO-ECV total ozone and GOP-ECV ozone profile climate data records for analyzing global and regional trend patterns (1995-2021) Melanie Coldewey-Egbers et al EGU23-11968 16:23-16-25 CL5.5 PICO spot 5, screen 5.5
Friday 28 April The GOME-type Tropical Tropospheric Ozone Essential Climate Variable (GTTO-ECV) satellite data record and an updated S5P-BASCOE dataset Klaus-Peter Heue et al EGU23-11324 14:00–14:02 Pico spot 5, screen 5.1
Friday 28 April Harmonisation of Free Tropospheric Ozone Satellite Data Records in Support of TOAR Phase II Daan Hubert et al EGU23-14161 14:10–14:12 Pico spot 5, screen 5.1
Soil moisture Thursday 27 April Gap-filled multivariate observations of global land-climate interactions Bessenbacher, V ESSI3.6, 16145 14:14-14:16 PICO spot 5, screen 5.6
Friday 28 April ESA CCI and C3S Soil Moisture - New developments and recent applications Wolfgang Preimesberger HS6.1 10:50–11:00 Room 3.29/30
Friday 28 April Downscaling the ESA CCI Soil Moisture: a new European dataset at 1 km for the period 2008-2020 Luca Zappa HS6.1 15:00–15:10 Room 3.29/30
Friday 28 April Characterising recent drought events in the context of dry-season trends using current reanalysis and remote-sensing soil moisture products Martin Hirschi HS6.1 15:20–15:30 Room 3.29/30
Friday 28 April Accounting for Seasonal Soil Moisture Retrieval Errors in the Generation of Climate Data Records Pietro Stradiotti HS6.1, 13940 17:37:17:47 Room 3.29/30